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Lavender (Healing herbs)

Lavender : Folk name Elf leaf

Lavender is a member of the mint family.

There are several types of lavender from English lavender, Lavandula officinalis to the Portuguese variety, Lavandula latifolia also french which refer to atleast two species Lavandula dentata and Lavandula stoechas which is also refered to as spanish lavender to name a few.

With fragrant purple flowers used since ancient times, today uses include helping against anxiety, insomnia, depression and a range of mental health issues.

Lavender is also used to treat headaches, toothaches, acne, skin irritation, insect bites, hair loss, high blood pressure and nausea.

Most commonly used in aromatherapy to relax and relieve stress also used as a sleep aid.

Lavender is known to have antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.

Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine found that when applied topically lavender, sage and rose, could reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. They also mention that lavender oil may help in combating antifungal resistant infections.

According to the National Cancer Institute, aromatherapy helps patients manage the side effects of cancer treatment and may also help adults who suffer from dementia.

Alopecia aerate is a scalp condition responsible for hair loss. According to Archives of Dermatology, lavender oil aswell as thyme, rosemary, and cedarwood can help hair regrow over the period of several months when applied directly to the scalp.

When using oils on the skin I suggest mixing with a base oil as essential oils are concerned and may cause skin irritation.

Lavender has also shown positive results in helping with eczema, acne and sunburns.

I recommend mixing lavender with camomile into a gel with aloe vera (inner leaf) for nappy rash.

I promise to write some of my home recipies for creams and gels in another post.

In magic and spell craft lavender is an important plant. The purple flowers enhance psychic ability and can help you to remember your dreams.

Lavender perfume has been used in love spells (to invite your next love into your life) also by adding lavender to your beauty routine or beauty spell.

Burning lavender to purify a space as a smudge stick or just dipped in water in a room can remove negative energies.

Carrying a lavender flower with you in folklore was said to bring you long life.

Lavender can bring happiness by baking into cakes and cookies.

Lavender tea can be steeped for a matter of minutes then enjoyed bringing benefits of increased brain power and boost intelligence aswell as helping relax you before bed.

Lavender oil is also brilliant used as an aromatherapy while in meditation enhancing spiritual connections.


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