Hello I would like to introduce myself. I am a woman of many names my most public is Freya Witch. I am an initiated Gardnerian Witch & Priestess of The Craft (Wicca). I enjoy the apothecary of herbs and oils, and have the magical gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairalience!

I have written extensively about Healing Goddesses, Healing Gods & Healing Herbs.

As an initiated Witch, I blend Wiccan practices of Circle casting, Consecrations, and Blessings – into my Herb craft. You can see some of my Wiccan invocations, rites on my Wicca page. The Courses & Workshops I facilitate can be seen in the Courses page.

You can read about Smudging & an introduction to Herbs in spells. You can also read my introduction to Crystals & using Rose Quartz. A beginners Guide to Tarot cards can be found in my Tarot Page.

I offer various magical services – some of which are below.

  • Tarot Readings & Consultations via Phone
  • Wiccan path guidance
  • Magical Courses & Workshops
  • Herb & Oil Spells (Etsy shop)

Use my Contact Form to write to me about your enquiry and to make phone appointments.

Do visit this website regularly to see updates and additional features, such as Wiccan & Magical Training videos, demonstrations, information, advice & guidance for all who are on magical journeys.


Freya Witch