Frey Witch offers various magical consultations. Fees & Booking process are outlined below:

Phone Consultation hours :

Monday to Friday 12noon to 2pm.


  • £10 per 10 minutes (short 3 card readings).
  • £50 for pre-booked 1 hour consultations (Tarot, Herb & Oil craft or combinations)

Booking process

  • Contact Freya using the form below, giving details of your requirements. Specify the slot you are looking for (which Day/ time). Please also state a 2nd preference (in case first slot is not available).
  • Use the secure paypal to make the payment.
  • Wait for Freya to confirm the slot. She will provide a phone number to call in her confirmation.
  • On the appointed / confirmed day/time, call Freya for the consultation.

CONTACT FREYA WITCH – use the form below