Through the years I have acquired a certain amount of knowledge regard to herbs and oil. I would love to share these benefits with you.

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Basic Introduction to Herb-Craft

Notes (c) Freya Witch 2020 (used in `Spellcraft for beginners’ online course on 13th Nov’2020)


Smudging is a way of clearing a space usually preformed before spell craft.
In recent years this practice has become much more popular within many communities.

You can smudge with a number of herbs amongst some are sweet grass and lavender.
More popular and my two favourites are Sage and Palo Santa.

Sage has been used since ancient times,
Used in ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian medicine.
Very different to White sage. Romans offered a great ceremony when gathered, as Sage was sacred to the God Jupiter. The name Salvia is related to the Latin word salvere, meaning to heal, preserve or redeem.
European traditions denote Sage with wisdom, long life and even immortality.

In magical practice sage is known to be lucky and used often in spell craft for protection, cleansing and prosperity.

White sage dates back to the ancient practices of the native Americans.
Used to send prayers and when working with spirit. White sage grows in California. This is the one commonly used in smudging and the one I will be using today.

Palo Santa
This is not a leaf or flower but wooden sticks.
This tree is closely related to frankincense.
The smell is there very noticeably even before burning.
Different to white Sage which clears the space. Palo Santa adds to the space as well as cleanse away negative energies.
Filling your space with positive energies.
Palo Santa is also known to boast your immune system as well as relieve emotional stress, and works as a repellant to an array of insects.

Herbs & Magical properties in use of spells.

Very common and easy to find Basil has been used for many years for good luck, money, and love spells. It can be used along side other herbs in a protection spell and has been known to be used as an ingredient in banishing spells.

Absolutely love Heather and grow it just outside my home, apart from being lucky it also has very protective qualities.

Rowan berry
Rowan berry usually picked from late summer to early autumn. The berries are taken off the stem. Uses include making a very tasty jam but must be boiled thoroughly as poisonous ingested straight off the tree. Berries can be dried and used as a necklace tying knots between berries with intent on protection, I personally possess such a necklace and can verify when worn is very powerful against everything from negative energies to troublesome spirits.

I mention lemons today as they are a great indicator.
When cut and placed in the 4 quarters of your home or in a place where you might feel negative energies.
After a few days to a week check them and if the lemon looks a bit dry but otherwise ok there probably is nothing to worry about more than a good sage up wont clear.
But if it has turned mouldy and looks bad “Houston you have a problem”.


Birch can also be burned.
Used to purify a space by sweeping. Interestingly also used in fertility spells as long associated with the Norse Goddess Freya, Goddess of love and fertility amongst other things.

All spice berries
Promotes confidence and ambition, also used in money spell and known to bring good luck.
All spice has long been used in healing spells but you can also use it to help add strength to a spell.

Associated with the fae realm and commonly used in love spells.
Rosemary can be burnt to purify a relationship. Also used in healing. This herb removes negative energy and can be used in a protection spell.

Bay leaves
Long associated with love or wealth spells and many traditions. Extremely vast uses but I mention bay leaves today for their protective qualities.

Usually added to herb bags that you place under you pillow, thus protecting against nightmares.
This can be used in Protection spells but also in banishing.

For powerful aura cleansing and protection
Also fabulous at keeping mosquitoes away.

If grown around your home can bring very protective qualities. Also used in love binding spells and in spells of fidelity.
Also known to be very useful when cleansing your aura.


Thistle has long been used in protection spells, also for protection against nightmares and strength. Thistle is associated with Mars and the star sign Sagittarius.

Used in the spring months specifically around May in fertility spells. Associated with the Fae.
In medical uses the flowers, leaves and berries are harvested. Used in both physical and emotional healing as well as spiritual protection. Hawthorn is also associated with Mars.

Lilly of the valley
Although this beautiful flowering plant smells delicious it is however poisonous.
Lilly of the valley has very protective properties.

Notes (c) Freya Witch 2020 (used in `Spellcraft for beginners’ online course on 13th Nov’2020)