Woodland Midsummer 2021 – Outdoor Ritual

Join us to celebrate Midsummer 2021 – Out in the Woods .
In this ceremony, we’ll be sweeping away negativity to begin with, then create sacred space with consecrations and magic circle. We aim to call upon mystical spirits – Fairies, Phoenix, Mermaid & Uncorn energies to guard the elemental gateways. After a spiral dance to generate energy, the Norse Solar Goddess Sunna will be invoked, and Sun God. They will lead us in a 2nd energetic chant/ dance for magical charging of a Sun-charm. After blessing food & Drinks we’ll formally close the circle, and go into feasting & socials.

Fee: £5 (fixed). Collected before start of Ritual.

Date: Saturday 26th June 2021.

5pm to 8pm. Socials may continue for few additional hours.

Venue / access—–
Queen’s Wood, High Gate.
These events are held in a public Open woods, with rough terrain, and in natural weather conditions. It is NOT always suitable for anyone with health/ physical disability conditions.

Meeting point————–
Be at Entrance to Queen’s woods by 5pm.
Queenswood Rd, Highgate, London N6 5UU.
Google map ref: 51.580240, -0.142252.
From corner of Archway Road & Muswell Hill, get to `Wood Lane’. Walk down this road. After 5 minutes this changes to QueensWood Road. On your left is a formal sign/ entrance to Queens woods. Please wait here to be collected. We use different spots in wood and may change specific location on the day!

What to bring: —
— You can Wear Ritual masks & cloaks.
— lanterns (no naked candle flames in woods).
— Drums, musical instruments & songs to sing.
— your own blanket/ ground sheet to sit on (or camping chairs).
— food & drinks for your self.

Good Behaviour —
— NO drunken behaviour .
— We have strict NO drugs policy at all times at all our events!!
— Please put all rubbish in bins or take home.
— Please take any uneaten food back home.

Health & Safety—–
-It’s early days. So Attendees are advised to maintain personal safety practices, and not respect anyone else who likes to maintain social distance, wearing masks, not sharing food/ drink etc.
– If you feel unwell for any reason, please DO NOT attend.

Bright Blessings
– Mani & Freya

Cacao Ceremony for Healing & Heart Opening (Hampstead Heath) -2nd July’21

Join us for a special Cacao Ceremony, at Hampstead Heath on Friday 2nd July at an outdoor setting. Cacao ceremonies were practiced by the ancients and many tribal cultures around the World, now brought to you by Freya and Mani – initiated Wiccan Priestess & Priest.

Cacao comes from coco beans, and known to be more precious to the ancients than gold! They would heat up the Cacao in a Cauldron over a tribal fire at a sacred gathering, imbue it with energies, and then ritually drink it as plant-medicine. Cacao releases deep heart opening energies through your being to open your heart chakra and bring you into a state where you can commune with the Gods.

What is involved in this event? –——

  1. Walk:
    Once we have all met, we will walk together into the Hampstead Heath to more woodland areas. This will be about 15-20 minutes, and serves to attuned to the woods and nature – as a grounding & centering process. It also gives participants a relaxed time to chat to one another. .
  2. ceremony.
    We create sacred space with smudging, cast a magic circle, and call the elements – Air, Fire, Water & Earth- at Quarters. We will be raising energies within the circle through singing, chanting and some dancing. We then invoke the pure and sacred God and Goddess energies into the Cacao that is cooking in our cauldron over the fire.

When the cacao is ready, it will be poured into smaller cups and each person will be invited to drink it and sit with the experience it creates. Some meditative work will follow.

What does Cacao do?–

It is much much more gentle that taking any other such plant-medicine. Cacao is heated and drunk like hot-chocolate, and tastes somewhat bitter. It is prepared and heated in a sacred space, and after drinking it, people will do gentle energy work to further activate and tune into the Cacao-spirit and do meditative work for insights, images, emotions and visions. Those partaking it may feel a mild sense of elation and feeling of connectedness and well-being. In some cases, the heart opening medicine can bring up deeper feelings – to be aware of and resolving.

This is an amazing experience which we are sure you will love.

Where does Cacao come from?-

The Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana are the top producers of cacao- 70% of the world’s cocoa beans come from these West African countries. However, countries such as Indonesia, Peru, Venezuela and many countries in Central America and the Carribean also grow the bean.

Safety questions—

Is Cacao a drug that can trip you out? NO!
Cacao is the raw form of Coco (plant) extracts – that we all consume in processed form as Chocolate! Unless you have an allergy to Chocolate, you should be okay to drink cacao. There are no issues like being sick or vomiting (that comes with other plant-medicine like Ayahuasca ). If in doubt, please check with your qualified medical person.

——--practical details–

Date: Friday 2nd July 2021
Time: 11am to 1.30pm.
Venue: Hampstead Heath (park) near Parliament Hill.

Meeting point:
We meet just outside the Bistro Laz restaurant that is on the entrance area to the park. (1-2 Highgate West Hill · London). Once all are gathered, we’ll be walking 5-10 minutes into the park/ woods, to our pre-selected quiet place for the actual healing & energising session.

Fee: £11.
Pay by cash on the day.

Link to our meetup event at `London Higher Healing’ https://www.meetup.com/london-higher-healing/events/278871548/

What to bring:
–This event is held outdoors So please dress accordingly.
–We advise all to bring a blanket to lay down/ cover your self as you are laying on the ground for the relaxation & sound bath experience.

We look forward to seeing you, assist and support your spiritual healing & growth. As always, do contact us privately by messages with any questions/ concerns and for any additional consultations.

Blessings of Love & Light
Freya Witch & Mani

Herbcraft: Forget-me-not

Forget-me-not / Myosotis Arvensis
This is a sweet small blue flower, from the plant family Boraginaceae.
There are many species of Forget-me-not, growing in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Loving damp moist soil usually found in woodlands or by rivers.
The name Myosotis comes from the Greek meaning mouse’s ear.
According to Greek Mythology, Zeus thought he had names every plant when a small blue flower called to him Forget-me-not. He then used this name for the pretty blue flower.
In fairylore it is said to mark the place where fairies buried their treasure, but also can be used by the fairies as a decoy.
Symbolising true, never-ending love and fidelity, also representing truthfulness in a relationship.
In folklore this flower has been worn in the absence of a lover to show fidelity.
It is said a man was swept away picking some from a riverbank for his lover. His last words carried on the breeze “forget me not”
Native to North America and 1st known to be used in homeopathy in 1398 in England to treat King Henry IV.
Used today in homeopathy to treat cough with night sweats, chronic bronchitis, and inner chest and lung infections.
The herbalist Henry Lyte 1529-1607, uses the name scorpion-grass when referring to the forget me not.
This can only be used in homeopathy as a tincher as the plant is toxic and highly poisonous if ingested in any other way.
Lots of love Freya Witch x

Herbs: Arnica/ Wolfsbane

Arnica is a beautiful yellow flower that has a likeness to a daisy.
Arnica is masculine in nature and associated with Midsummer, the harvest and harvest spirits.
It is sacred to Freya, Ra and Apollo.
Symbolic of the Sun and represents the element of fire.
To drive away thunderstorms it is said to burn Arnica and a few words are chanted.
Arnica can be used in general protective rituals as well as rituals for the fertility of crops.
Arnica can be planted around an area to keep a spirit from entering or leaving. However this will only work until the plant dies in the autumn.
Ancient medicine used Anica topically to can treat osteoarthritis, sore throat, bleeding, bruising, reduce swelling and to treat muscular pain.
Known to be used as an antibiotic and has anti- inflammatory properties.
Arnica grows mainly in Siberia, but also grows in Central Europe and North America.
From the plant family Asteraceae.
Arnica is an aromatic and perennial herb and is in the same family as the Sunflower.
Arnica is taken only following homeopathic dilution, it is used as an internal herbal remedy for the treatment of shock and trauma.
The circulation in the body is also stimulated by Arnica when it is used in a tincture.
This herb has been used to treat angina and for a physically weak or failing heart in people with cardiac problems. Regardless of this, the internal use of Arnica is not considered safe as highly toxic and poisonous.
In the treatment of leg ulcers in diabetics, topical remedies are recommended.
Arnica can increase the resistance of the body to the onset of infection, it is particularly helpful against infections such as those caused by listeria and salmonella bacteria, the herbal remedies made from the arnica also increases the rate of healing in the body following a surgical procedure.
It is also normally diluted on the basis of one to ten in essence. Thus used to treat inflammatory skin problems for example.
The harvest of Arnica flowers is usually carried out when the plant is in full bloom during the summer.
Yet, the rhizomes of the Arnica are harvested during autumn.
Arnica contains sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, and a volatile oil that includes thymol, mucilage,
In a tincher you can use 3 table spoons of crushed flowers to 2 cups of pure alcohol, the flowers essence permeates in the alcohol during this infusion period. Leave to stand for 2 weeks shaking the bottle twice a day. Then allowing the pure flower essence.
I recommend the shaking period to commence on and around a full moon for potency.
After this transfer the infusion to a sterile bottle or container which you can store long term.
Advisable to use 1 teaspoon of this per cup of warm water
Once diluted, you can use a small piece of cloth to soak up the diluted tincture and squeeze out any excess liquid, fold, then place directly on the external area for 15 minutes letting the herbal essence seep into the affected area of skin. This process must be repeated daily until wound has healed.
To make an ointment simply prepare a powder by grinding two tablespoons of dried Arnica flowers with a peston and morter.
Mix this powder with 8 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. This won’t last as long as the tincher and will start to degrade.
You can apply this in large amounts to any old wounds, this can be used to topically treat all kinds of ulcers in the legs or to treat the sores of herpes particularly those which are persistent.
As with all plants some people do suffer from allergic reactions and again this plant is highly toxic and poisonous.
Lots of love Freya Witch

Crystals & Sound Healing: Outdoor event – 11th June 2021

Join us for 2 hours of cleansing, opening/ clearing blockages of your chakras & energies – all in a natural outdoor setting. This is a hands-on experiential session, where we make use of real essential oils, crystals and singing bowls, incorporating meditative work – all created and facilitated by Freya – initiated Wiccan Priestess !

Participants are taken through cleansing and purification using essential oils, then will be encouraged to lay down on grass/ ground and reach a relaxed state. Different crystals related to chakras will be placed on participants bodies (over cloths but close to body as possible), and they will be led through chakra opening meditation to remove any of their personal energy & emotional blocks. The session then continues with facilitator Freya Witch using different singing bowls connected to each chakra to create a Sound Bath process that will align your energies.

We hold these special events on a week day day time, so that parents
and those with free time only in day hours can access these magical events.

About the tools we use:

Chakras – are ancient energy-systems said to be found on the bodies. There are 7 major chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar plexis, Heart, Throat, 3rd eye, Crown) – that each govern different aspects of our body and transpersonal functions (example: Heart for love, healing; 3rd eye for visions, insights, Sacral for sexuality, Solar Plexis for personal energy and so on).

Essential oils- are essences from plants that have been carefully extracted and prepared by experts. We use them in magical work with bodies and energies.(note: you can purchase these directly from Freya)

Singing bowls – have different frequency sounds when struck or rubbed with a wooden rod, and their sounds are specific for each of the chakras, and can activate, cleanse, and energise.

You do not need to know these or have worked with them before. You simply need to be willing to explore these ways of working

Date: Friday 11th June 2021

Time: 11am to 1pm.

Venue: Hamstead Heath (park) near Parliament Hill.

Meeting point: We meet just outside the Bistro Laz restaurant that is on the entrance area to the park. (1-2 Highgate West Hill · London). Once all are gathered, we’ll be walking 5-10 minutes into the park/ woods, to our pre-selected quiet place for the actual healing & energising session.

Fee: £7
Pay by cash on the day.

What to bring:

–This session takes place in an open natural park/ woods.
So please dress accordingly.
–We advise all to bring a blanket to lay down/ cover your self as you are laying on the ground for the relaxation & sound bath experience.

Some people sensitive to energies may have quick reactions while it may take longer for others to feel the shifts. All the systems and tools have been used for many thousands of years by esoteric people and mystics in various cultures & civilisations. So we advise you to have some trust and faith and allow these processes to work.

We look forward to seeing you, assist and support your spiritual healing & growth. As always, do contact us privately by messages with any questions/ concerns and for any additional consultations.

Blessings of Love & Light
Freya Witch

Meetup event link for this: https://www.meetup.com/london-higher-healing/events/277345813/