From as early as I can remember I’ve always had a very strong connection to crystals. My aunt used to gift me with them, and one of my first crystals was a beautiful Rose Quartz.

When working with crystals I recommend cleansing and charging them.

Cleansing your Crystals

  • To cleanse your crystal run it under cold fresh water, let the water not just slip over the surface but imagine the water going through the crystal and cleansing away all negativity.

**Not all crystals can be placed in water**

  • Another way is to smudge your crystal. As with the water, place your crystal above the smoke – let it engulf the crystal, imaging the smoke penetrating the crystal and cleanse away any negative energy.
  • A third way to cleanse your crystal is to ground the negative energy by asking earth/nature to remove any dense energy. Find a place you feel has a loving energy – a patch of grass or an oak tree that you often pass in the park or woods. Place the crystal on the ground and visualize the negativity being drawn down into the earth and being transformed into love.
  • The last is slightly more complicated. Draw down the pure energies of love and light through your crown chakra, down into your body then hold your hand over your crystal and blast this bright white light through the crystal, dispelling all negativity and transforming all to pure love and light.

**I will be doing a video on this soon**

Charging your Crystal.

To charge your crystal after cleansing, find a place in the garden (or your windowsill) where the Sun beams its bright light. Leave your crystal here to charge for a few hours.

Another way to charge your crystal is to infuse it with Moon energy (best and more powerfull on a full moon). Make sure your crystal baths over night, but remove it before the Sun rises.

A Ritual Bath (including Rose Quartz)

  • First gather some light pink candles, pink rose petals, rose water or essential rose oil, your rose quartz and some pure sea salt.
  • Run your warm bath water and add a handful of salt with the intention of cleansing your body and spirit.
  • When your bath has filled swirl in your rose petals, rose oil or rose water with the intension of filling your senses to allow you to heal emotionally and thereby also filling you with love.
  • Place your rose quartz next to your pink candles.
  • As you light your candles you may wish to call upon a God/Goddess or Archangel, or simply state your intention.
  • Lie in the bath and allow yourself to be infused with healing love energy.
  • Light meditation is advisable but again optional.
  • Rinse your body after the bath.
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