Citrine Crystal

Long associated with success often called the “Merchant stone”
In folklore Citrite is said to hold the power of the Sun and therefore has been used in healing practices.
The birthstone of November.
Planetary stone of the Sun and Zodiac sign Virgo.
Citrine can be used to enhance creativity, concentration, positivity.

With beautiful yellow translucent hues ranging from bright yellow, orange, to brownish tones.

Unfortunately alot of Citrine on the market is Amethyst heat treated to promote a golden tone.
Sherry colored varieties of Citrine are more expensive and easily mimicked this way.
Also can be sold as a more expensive orange-yellow topaz.
Citrine can help heal the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver and muscles.
Helps personal clarity and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.
Citrine can help with issues surrounding self-esteem and self-expression.
As well as revitalizing the mind it can also helps against depression.
Citrine can also help with phobias.
Citrine can be a brilliant choice for meditations especially for Chakra work with the Solar plexus.
Citrine can also help a new relationship get off to a good start.

You can enhance a massage oil by placing a charged Citrine crystal in the oil, (preferably fractionated coconut oil with your chosen essential oil depending on desired outcome) leave for a while to infuse then before use speak your intention “to bring love and happiness into your life, or to heal ( issue… eg depression). “

I absolutely love Citrine, have a wonderful day, lots of love, light and happiness always xxx

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