Crystals & Sound Healing: Outdoor event – 11th June 2021

Join us for 2 hours of cleansing, opening/ clearing blockages of your chakras & energies – all in a natural outdoor setting. This is a hands-on experiential session, where we make use of real essential oils, crystals and singing bowls, incorporating meditative work – all created and facilitated by Freya – initiated Wiccan Priestess !

Participants are taken through cleansing and purification using essential oils, then will be encouraged to lay down on grass/ ground and reach a relaxed state. Different crystals related to chakras will be placed on participants bodies (over cloths but close to body as possible), and they will be led through chakra opening meditation to remove any of their personal energy & emotional blocks. The session then continues with facilitator Freya Witch using different singing bowls connected to each chakra to create a Sound Bath process that will align your energies.

We hold these special events on a week day day time, so that parents
and those with free time only in day hours can access these magical events.

About the tools we use:

Chakras – are ancient energy-systems said to be found on the bodies. There are 7 major chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar plexis, Heart, Throat, 3rd eye, Crown) – that each govern different aspects of our body and transpersonal functions (example: Heart for love, healing; 3rd eye for visions, insights, Sacral for sexuality, Solar Plexis for personal energy and so on).

Essential oils- are essences from plants that have been carefully extracted and prepared by experts. We use them in magical work with bodies and energies.(note: you can purchase these directly from Freya)

Singing bowls – have different frequency sounds when struck or rubbed with a wooden rod, and their sounds are specific for each of the chakras, and can activate, cleanse, and energise.

You do not need to know these or have worked with them before. You simply need to be willing to explore these ways of working

Date: Friday 11th June 2021

Time: 11am to 1pm.

Venue: Hamstead Heath (park) near Parliament Hill.

Meeting point: We meet just outside the Bistro Laz restaurant that is on the entrance area to the park. (1-2 Highgate West Hill · London). Once all are gathered, we’ll be walking 5-10 minutes into the park/ woods, to our pre-selected quiet place for the actual healing & energising session.

Fee: £7
Pay by cash on the day.

What to bring:

–This session takes place in an open natural park/ woods.
So please dress accordingly.
–We advise all to bring a blanket to lay down/ cover your self as you are laying on the ground for the relaxation & sound bath experience.

Some people sensitive to energies may have quick reactions while it may take longer for others to feel the shifts. All the systems and tools have been used for many thousands of years by esoteric people and mystics in various cultures & civilisations. So we advise you to have some trust and faith and allow these processes to work.

We look forward to seeing you, assist and support your spiritual healing & growth. As always, do contact us privately by messages with any questions/ concerns and for any additional consultations.

Blessings of Love & Light
Freya Witch

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Clear Quartz Crystal

Clear quartz is a beautiful translucent crystal, that can look like a piece of ice.
Known as the master healer. Clear Quartz has the ability to amplify energy and thought.
It can have the same effect on other crystals aswell.

Clear Quartz absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It balances, cleanses and revitalises your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.

Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities. It aids concentration and can unlock parts of the memory that are hidden.
This beautiful crystal can stimulate the immune system and brings the body into balance, harmonising all the chakras and aligning the subtle bodies.

You can place a Clear Quartz in a jug of distilled water with a Rose Quartz for example state your intention, pour into a glass and drink.

You can also wear or use in meditations or during magical workings.
Clear Quartz has the ability to bring clarity of thought and mind.
Remember your intentions will be amplified and the law of attraction and karma is always relevant.

Lots of love, light and blessings always xxx

Citrine Crystal

Long associated with success often called the “Merchant stone”
In folklore Citrite is said to hold the power of the Sun and therefore has been used in healing practices.
The birthstone of November.
Planetary stone of the Sun and Zodiac sign Virgo.
Citrine can be used to enhance creativity, concentration, positivity.

With beautiful yellow translucent hues ranging from bright yellow, orange, to brownish tones.

Unfortunately alot of Citrine on the market is Amethyst heat treated to promote a golden tone.
Sherry colored varieties of Citrine are more expensive and easily mimicked this way.
Also can be sold as a more expensive orange-yellow topaz.
Citrine can help heal the heart, kidney, digestive tract, liver and muscles.
Helps personal clarity and eliminates self-destructive tendencies.
Citrine can help with issues surrounding self-esteem and self-expression.
As well as revitalizing the mind it can also helps against depression.
Citrine can also help with phobias.
Citrine can be a brilliant choice for meditations especially for Chakra work with the Solar plexus.
Citrine can also help a new relationship get off to a good start.

You can enhance a massage oil by placing a charged Citrine crystal in the oil, (preferably fractionated coconut oil with your chosen essential oil depending on desired outcome) leave for a while to infuse then before use speak your intention “to bring love and happiness into your life, or to heal ( issue… eg depression). “

I absolutely love Citrine, have a wonderful day, lots of love, light and happiness always xxx

Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite is a semi precious stone.
Birthstone of people born between April 20th and May 20th. Zodiac Capricorn.
This stone is brilliant to bring to an exam or public speaking. Enhancing powers of concentration and self-confidence.
Fluorite is transparent and ranges from purple to yellow, green, clear, and even rainbow hues.
Fluorite helps you flow with your surroundings and make the best with what you got.
The phenomenon of fluorescence was first observed in fluorite, giving the phenomenon its name, rather than the other way around.

Taking up negative energies from the atmosphere, Fluorite is helpful with Chakra and aura cleansing.
Treating the heart, third eye, and throat chakra.
Fluorite keeps the heart chakra in coordination and balance with the other chakras of the body.

The heart chakra keeps the hormones of the body in balance, and being the central chakra it is also responsible for the maintenance of other chakras.

The throat chakra stimulates clear communication and also keeps away the throat related ailments, like infections, tonsils, and thyroid.

A purple colored Fluorite is great in healing the third eye chakra, which is believed to have a connection with spiritual and mystical visions. It enhances the intuition and instinct in the wearer.

In the 18th Century Fluorite was used as a remedy for kidney desease by mixing its powder in water.

Fluorite is one of my fav crystals.
Lots of love always xxx

Rose Quartz

A very loving energy, observing this light pink beauty alone always fills me with pure love energy.

When suffering heartache or grief I recommend working with this crystal. Even just having this close to your heart chakra can improve your self love, heal and open your heart to more pure love. I speak of the deep love not a passionate moment.

There are many ways to benefit from this beautiful energy.

A Ritual Bath (including Rose Quartz)

First gather some light pink candles, pink rose petals, rose water or essential rose oil, your rose quartz and some pure sea salt.
Run your warm bath water and add a handful of salt with the intention of cleansing your body and spirit.
When your bath has filled swirl in your rose petals, rose oil or rose water with the intension of filling your senses to allow you to heal emotionally and thereby also filling you with love.
Place your rose quartz next to your pink candles.
As you light your candles you may wish to call upon a God/Goddess or Archangel, or simply state your intention.
Lie in the bath and allow yourself to be infused with healing love energy.
Light meditation is advisable but again optional.
Rinse your body after the bath.

Drinking water (Crystal charged):

Another way to take this energy in, is by placing the Rose Quartz in drinking water jug. Leave it there for a few hours at least then pour yourself a glass and drink. As you drink take your time and be aware of the love energy you are taking in. This is very healing and will fill you with a beautiful glow.

(Beware some crystals are poisonous or dissolve in water)

Amethyst Crystal

Hi everyone,
Thought I’d start the next few days with a little information on a few crystals their properties and how they can be used in healing practices.
Today Amethyst.

Awakens intuition, mental awareness and promotes psychic abilities as well as being fab at relieving stress and balancing moods.
Amethyst can be used to open and work with your Crown Chakra and your Third Eye Chakra. Also associated as the birth stone of February.

In mythology there are tales of Amethyst.
It’s hue from the blood-red wine tears of Dionysus.
The Amethyst was actually a young virgin who found herself on the receiving end of the Gods wrath when he was drunk. The young girl cried out to the Goddess Diana for help, the Goddess turned her into a shimmering pale stone. When Dionysus realized his folly, he wept into his wine glass and in his emotion overturned his goblet. The white stone soaked up the wine until it glowed a gentle purple hue.

Amethyst can change with the rise and fall of the light or when placed in different temperatures.
It evolves with the body and is closely connected to our conscious experiences in life.
Associated with healthy cell regeneration, promoting hormonal balance, encouraging healthy sleep and rest. Amethyst helps balance metabolism and positively serves the endocrine system.
Helping the body find harmony so it doesn’t produce too much cortisol, this cuts down stress and tension.
The purplish hue of Amethyst also cleanses and detoxifies mind, body and spirit. Amethyst can also help those who struggle with brain fog or migraines.

A quick way of using Amethyst is to get a jug of moon water or distilled drinking water.
Place the Amethyst into the jug of water.
Say: “I infuse this water with the positive energies of Amethyst, gently remove that which no longer serves me. May this water bring love, light and happiness to my mind body and spirit. Blessed be.”
You can drink from this water through the day but be careful not to swallow your crystal, personally pouring from the jug into a glass is preferable.

Another way is to run a bath place your charged crystal above your head.
Light a candle with your intention of cleansing and energising that chakra for example.
Or simply place under you pillow to enhance healthy sleep.
You can wear your crystal during the day too.
Personally I like to have an Amethyst crystal with me during certain meditations.
Lots of love, light and Brightest Blessings always.

Freya Witch x