Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite is a semi precious stone.
Birthstone of people born between April 20th and May 20th. Zodiac Capricorn.
This stone is brilliant to bring to an exam or public speaking. Enhancing powers of concentration and self-confidence.
Fluorite is transparent and ranges from purple to yellow, green, clear, and even rainbow hues.
Fluorite helps you flow with your surroundings and make the best with what you got.
The phenomenon of fluorescence was first observed in fluorite, giving the phenomenon its name, rather than the other way around.

Taking up negative energies from the atmosphere, Fluorite is helpful with Chakra and aura cleansing.
Treating the heart, third eye, and throat chakra.
Fluorite keeps the heart chakra in coordination and balance with the other chakras of the body.

The heart chakra keeps the hormones of the body in balance, and being the central chakra it is also responsible for the maintenance of other chakras.

The throat chakra stimulates clear communication and also keeps away the throat related ailments, like infections, tonsils, and thyroid.

A purple colored Fluorite is great in healing the third eye chakra, which is believed to have a connection with spiritual and mystical visions. It enhances the intuition and instinct in the wearer.

In the 18th Century Fluorite was used as a remedy for kidney desease by mixing its powder in water.

Fluorite is one of my fav crystals.
Lots of love always xxx

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