Goddess Khione of snow

As the weather turns to icy lakes and drifting snowflakes. I thought of the famous stories about the Snow Queen in various children’s story books to name one the lion the witch and the wardrobe.

I would like to write a little about the Greek Goddess Khione of snow, ice and winter. She has jet black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. The Romans called her Chione. Her father is Boreas (the north wind).

Known to turn people to sculptured ice. Sometimes depicted as a nymph.

Khione is said to have claimed to be better than Artimis as two Gods had fallen in love with her and none with Artimis. This was obviously not taken well by Artimis, but in one version of the mythology she was protected by Apollo and Posideon, in another her guard was pierced for her pride.

Leo is said to have wanted the Goddess Khione, but she denies him due to not liking his burning fire within. She asks him to wait with her brothers while she gets her father. Then contemplates the idea of turning him to ice. Her father being totally against such an idea, invokes an incredible anger in Khione. Forced to let Leo go, Khione is still intent on harming him and sends strong winds to knock “Festus” (a bronze dragon with red eyes) out of the sky.

Although Leo is confused doesnt suspect Khione.

She then furthers her assult when she finds Leo, Midas, Piper, Jason and Coach Hedge camp out on Pike’s Peak. Khione then tells Lycaon to track them down and kill them. She also creates a blizzard to block Jason’s lightning bolt.

When they visit their parents Aeolus, they manage to convince him to help. Before he does, Khione whispers in his ear, telling him that Gaea is awakening and that he must kill the demigods. Meanwhile Mellie, his assistant, saves them by getting them away in time.

Khione then appears at the Wolf House, admits to causing all the problems the demigods faced on their quest. She then goes on to say that she is working to awaken Gaea. She reveals her plans to overthrow her father and orders the monsters to kill them.

She says she is the one who caused the closure of Olympus. She had whispered to Zeus using her powers saying the gods being so active on Earth was causing Gaea to awaken. To stop this he had closed Olympus off from the mortal world.

Khione then invites Leo to join her but Leo declines using his fire to fight her. It is said he overpowers her but she turns to ice and melts before he can hit her with his flaming hammer.

It is unknown whether she is gone or just hiding in the snow.It has also been said she, like Porphyrion, is warped to Mount Olympus in Greece.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Lots of love and Brightest Blessings always

Ann Luise xxx

Winter Goddess speaks..

“I come to you upon winters breath….

Mysteries of magic and creation I hold

As time, wisdom and space unfold

Upon this land that we abide.

Through the snow storms cold and wild,

Let us bring forth the Yule Sun child.

That we may rejoice upon our voice

From this night, we bring forth the light”.

(c) Freya Witch / ALS . 2020 (written for London Woodland Witches online Yule Rite)

Samhain 2020: Hecate invocation by Freya Witch

We facilitated an online full Samhain Rite for our `London Woodland Witches meetup group’. I performed a pre-recorded invocation to Dark Goddess Hecate . (20mins into the edited ritual video). Click this video to watch/ listen.

Hecate Invocation by Freya Witch – part of the Woodland Witches online Samhain 2020

The full video (edited) is 1 hr 9minutes) with all the essential burning of regrets, invocations, pathworking & blessings, with space for doing your own magical work.. Blessings. – Freya Witch


As we move closer by day to a place where the veil is thinnest (Samhain), I feel a deep longing to honour our beloved Goddess Morrigan.

Morrigan Celtic Goddess of death and guardian of the dead.
Morrigan is also known as the triple Goddess of War.
Goddess of fate and divination.
Protector or the spirits of those who have passed.
Morrigan is a shapeshifting Goddess willing to share her knowledge of the future to some (for a price).
Sometimes appearing as a wolf.
Thought to circle the battlefields in a flock of Ravens and carry away the dead.
In mythology, Morrigan offered prophecy to her husband Dagda before great battles.
Daughter of Ernmas the mother Goddess.
Long associated with spirals, circles, stone, water, fairy rings and luna cycles.
Goddess of death and transformation but also of rebirth.
Personally I love Morrigan and feel her energy strongest as we move into the darker time of the wheel.
Hail Goddess Morrigan
Blessed be xxx