As we move closer by day to a place where the veil is thinnest (Samhain), I feel a deep longing to honour our beloved Goddess Morrigan.

Morrigan Celtic Goddess of death and guardian of the dead.
Morrigan is also known as the triple Goddess of War.
Goddess of fate and divination.
Protector or the spirits of those who have passed.
Morrigan is a shapeshifting Goddess willing to share her knowledge of the future to some (for a price).
Sometimes appearing as a wolf.
Thought to circle the battlefields in a flock of Ravens and carry away the dead.
In mythology, Morrigan offered prophecy to her husband Dagda before great battles.
Daughter of Ernmas the mother Goddess.
Long associated with spirals, circles, stone, water, fairy rings and luna cycles.
Goddess of death and transformation but also of rebirth.
Personally I love Morrigan and feel her energy strongest as we move into the darker time of the wheel.
Hail Goddess Morrigan
Blessed be xxx

Sekhmet – Goddess

Sekmet – Egyptian Goddess

Sekmet, also known as Sekhmet, Sekhet, Sakhet.
Simply translated “the powerful one”.
It was said that her breath created the desert.
She is also known to give great protection.
Sekmet is a warrior goddess.
Goddess of the Sun and healing, associated with the “fixing” of broken bones.
It is said that Sekmet can stop epidemics when honoured properly.
Tame lions were kept in temples dedicated to her.
She is depicted as a woman with a lionesses head. Also closely connected to Bast, the cat headed Goddess of luxury and pleasure.

Eir – Norse Goddess

Norse Goddess Eir.

The name Eir means “protection, help, mercy”. Eir is the Goddess of healing, companion of the Goddess Frigg. She is associated with shamanic healers, medical skill and helps women during child birth. Lyfjaberg “hill of healing” is where Eir sits surrounded by her helpful spirits. Eir is known to possess power over life and death.

Brigid Goddess of healing

Brigid Goddess of healing.
Goddess of the flame and well.
She purifies and transforms.
Bride, Brigit, Brighid, Brig, Brigantia are some of her names.
Goddess of poetry, divination and witchcraft.
Also known for songs and the harp.

She is associated with snowdrops and swans.
Her waters cleanse from disease.
It was said to “keep the fires going”, the woman of the home would “smoor” the fire, meaning to cover it up so to keep it going over night. She would ask Brigid for protection of the dwellers.
Brigit is known for forging with fire such as smithcraft.
Medicine and spiritual healing.
She is a Goddess of fertility.
Personally I could write a lot more.
Hail Brigid

Freya – Goddess

Freya Goddess
Also known as Freyja, or Freia.
A Goddess of love and beauty.
She is also a Goddess of healing.
Particularly helpful to women, helping them during child birth.
Freya is a healer, a nurturer and a source of love and peace. She is also a collector of souls.
Freya has the power to grant magic.
Her magic is called Seidr, trance magic which includes shape shifting and astral protection.
Personally I absolutely love Freya.

Isis – Goddess

Isis Goddess.
Isis, the divine feminine, loving wife and mother, the patron of magic.
Known for healing, she reconnects us with our innate healing powers. She shows us how to heal ourselves and others.
Isis can help awaken your intuition and thus help you communicate with the physical body.
She reminds us to acknowledge and accept our emotions.
Personally I love Isis for her empowering attributes encouraging us to heal with love and gratitude.
She is also a protector and aids women through child birth and is a comforter to people when loved ones pass.

Airmid – Healing Goddess

Airmid Goddess of healing.

Also known as Airmed and Airmeith.
She is one of the most ancient dieties in Ireland.
It is said that when pacholli is burnt “incense” she is near.
When we smell the scent of her Lavender oil we inhale her power.
Airmid is the mother of herbal healers, sacred herbs and all things connected to healing.
Airmids healing is not just limited to the body but she also heals mind and spirit.
It is believed that Airmid cures fairies, gnomes, unicorns, sylkies etc (those who live on the ethereal kingdom). She brings love, healing and prosperity.
She is a very powerful healing goddess that very little is written about and in this time I believe healing in every sense is important so I’ve decided to pay her tribute here.
Love, light and brightest blessings to you all.