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Brigid Goddess of healing

Brigid Goddess of healing.
Goddess of the flame and well.
She purifies and transforms.
Bride, Brigit, Brighid, Brig, Brigantia are some of her names.
Goddess of poetry, divination and witchcraft.
Also known for songs and the harp.

She is associated with snowdrops and swans.
Her waters cleanse from disease.
It was said to “keep the fires going”, the woman of the home would “smoor” the fire, meaning to cover it up so to keep it going over night. She would ask Brigid for protection of the dwellers.
Brigit is known for forging with fire such as smithcraft.
Medicine and spiritual healing.
She is a Goddess of fertility.
Personally I could write a lot more.
Hail Brigid

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