Healing Goddess

Airmid – Healing Goddess

Airmid Goddess of healing.

Also known as Airmed and Airmeith.
She is one of the most ancient dieties in Ireland.
It is said that when pacholli is burnt “incense” she is near.
When we smell the scent of her Lavender oil we inhale her power.
Airmid is the mother of herbal healers, sacred herbs and all things connected to healing.
Airmids healing is not just limited to the body but she also heals mind and spirit.
It is believed that Airmid cures fairies, gnomes, unicorns, sylkies etc (those who live on the ethereal kingdom). She brings love, healing and prosperity.
She is a very powerful healing goddess that very little is written about and in this time I believe healing in every sense is important so I’ve decided to pay her tribute here.
Love, light and brightest blessings to you all.

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