Celestite Crystal

Today I wanted to write a bit about Celestite Crystal…
The name Celestite comes from the greek meaning “heavenly”.
When discovered in 1791, it was named Fasriger Schwerspath. Then in 1797, when it was renamed Schwefelsaurer Strontianite Aus Pennsylvania.

The next year it was named Zoelestine, which is the German spelling based on the Greek word for “of the sky”. Finallly known as its original name Celestite although some have reverted back to using the name Celestine.

Celestite is known for its ability to bring solution orientated dreams, it has a high vibrational energy that can lift yours by merely being within your aura guiding your spirit and therefore making it easier to communicate with other beings of a higher vibrational frequency.

Used in meditations and spiritual detox.
Used to work with the Third eye Chakra,
Celestite also supports Crown Chakra and Throat Chakra.
Celestite crystal associated with higher consciousness and mindfulness, enhancing wisdom, helps to relax and unwind.
You can use this during meditations, wear or carry this crystal in a pocket or place under your pillow.
Lots of love always xxx

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