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Rose (Healing herbs)

Roses have been used since ancient times, revered for their medicinal properties and loved for their romantic associations.

To zinc with my previous post about the Goddess Aphrodite I hope you enjoy my findings.

The rose associated with the Goddess Aphrodite, love, beauty, purity and passion.

According to Anacreon the poet, dripping seafoam from the body of Aphrodite as she is born, turns into white roses, representing her purity and innocence. Later, she tries to help Adonis, her wounded lover. A few drops of blood trickle from Aphrodite onto a white rose changing it to red. This possibly represents desire and passion.

Roses also appear as the mischievous symbol of love and earthly desires and are often associated with Eros.

In some Greek folklore, the magic of roses illistrated when a hero prince leans over a sleeping princess to kiss her, thereafter receives a pair of roses.

He then uses their magical powers to escape his evil pursuers. This was a story named “The Monk”.

It is believed the love he holds for the princess saves him.

Roses are also attributed to Flora Goddess of flowers and spring time.

As far as medicinal purposes, roses are a mild seditive, aswell as an antiseptic, anti parasitic and an anti inflammatory.

Rose petals can be used topically to treat wounds and rashes.

Tonics and teas can be drunk as a means of lowering cholesterol and attaining better heart health aswell as treating sore throats and ulsers.

Roses are known to stimulate the liver and increase circulation and known to relieve headaches.

Helps with respiratory problems such as asthma.

Being a mild laxative this can help with constipation and cramps.

Amazingly rose can help regulate menstrual circles and enhance mood.

Their anti inflammatory properties can also bring down a fever.

Roses are an anti viral which can be used to aid the recovery from colds and flus.

Rose hip is especially useful for joint care helping conditions such as arthritis.

High in vitamins C, D, A, E and B3 Roses have strong antioxidant properties due to flavonoids too.

Rose hip also is high in iron.

Rose has long been used in beauty products for its hydrating and anti aging properties.

In magical practices and spell craft.

Roses are often use in love and beauty spells,

Rose petals sprinkled into a bath to enhance self love and bring you into a better sense of being.

When using rose in spells, red roses can ignite passion in a relationship, lust and increase your sex appeal.

Pink roses are more self love and bringing love into your life or current relationship.

Yellow for friendship and so on.

Rose can also be used in an elixer although I’m not writing any spells in this post.

Rose can be drunk in infusions some of my favorite are paired with other flowers, roots or herbs like camomile for example.

Have a wonderful day everyone ⭐

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