Healing Gods

Morpheus (God of Dreams)

Morpheus God of dreams.
In the arms of Mopheus, literally means to be asleep.
Known to have to ability to take any human form.
When asleep “in the arms of Morpheus” the dreams are of true and future evens.

Morpheus was the leader of the Oneiroi (Dreams).
He and his brothers were the personified spirits of dreams.
Phobetor (or Ikelos) created phobic or scary dreams. Phantasus created unreal or phantasmic dreams.

They emerge each night from the palace of Hypnos.
Morpheus would pass through the gate of horn “truth”
His brother would pass through the gate of Ivory “deceipt”.

It is said that when a person awakes they are reborn.
Let us take this day as a new light of life.
We are also coming into a full moon on the 7th
Blessings to anyone celebrating Weseak.
As we ebbe closer to Beltane.
All my love and Brightest Blessings

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