Sacred Tea Ceremony with Crystals and Singing bowls

Herbs have been used since ancient times for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Still remaining sacred to many, including myself. Please join us on Hampstead Heath for an experiential sacred herbs tea ceremony.

We will create sacred space, followed by a light meditation. We then pour the tea and as it brews using crystals and singing bowls will cleanse and energise your chakras. We will then slowly sip this infusion allowing a soul enlightening blend of Elder Flowers, Rowan Berries, Mugwort and Vervain to do its work.

All of the ingredients are sacred in one way or another to the Goddess, which will be explored more at this event.

  • Date: Friday 16th July 2021.
  • Fee £7
  • Venue: Hampstead Heath.
  • Meeting Point: We meet at Bistro Laz (1-2 Highgate West Hill · London) by Parliament Hill Fields entrance to Hampstead Heath at 11am sharp, walk to our ritual spot and finish by 2pm.

Herbs: Arnica/ Wolfsbane

Arnica is a beautiful yellow flower that has a likeness to a daisy.
Arnica is masculine in nature and associated with Midsummer, the harvest and harvest spirits.
It is sacred to Freya, Ra and Apollo.
Symbolic of the Sun and represents the element of fire.
To drive away thunderstorms it is said to burn Arnica and a few words are chanted.
Arnica can be used in general protective rituals as well as rituals for the fertility of crops.
Arnica can be planted around an area to keep a spirit from entering or leaving. However this will only work until the plant dies in the autumn.
Ancient medicine used Anica topically to can treat osteoarthritis, sore throat, bleeding, bruising, reduce swelling and to treat muscular pain.
Known to be used as an antibiotic and has anti- inflammatory properties.
Arnica grows mainly in Siberia, but also grows in Central Europe and North America.
From the plant family Asteraceae.
Arnica is an aromatic and perennial herb and is in the same family as the Sunflower.
Arnica is taken only following homeopathic dilution, it is used as an internal herbal remedy for the treatment of shock and trauma.
The circulation in the body is also stimulated by Arnica when it is used in a tincture.
This herb has been used to treat angina and for a physically weak or failing heart in people with cardiac problems. Regardless of this, the internal use of Arnica is not considered safe as highly toxic and poisonous.
In the treatment of leg ulcers in diabetics, topical remedies are recommended.
Arnica can increase the resistance of the body to the onset of infection, it is particularly helpful against infections such as those caused by listeria and salmonella bacteria, the herbal remedies made from the arnica also increases the rate of healing in the body following a surgical procedure.
It is also normally diluted on the basis of one to ten in essence. Thus used to treat inflammatory skin problems for example.
The harvest of Arnica flowers is usually carried out when the plant is in full bloom during the summer.
Yet, the rhizomes of the Arnica are harvested during autumn.
Arnica contains sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, and a volatile oil that includes thymol, mucilage,
In a tincher you can use 3 table spoons of crushed flowers to 2 cups of pure alcohol, the flowers essence permeates in the alcohol during this infusion period. Leave to stand for 2 weeks shaking the bottle twice a day. Then allowing the pure flower essence.
I recommend the shaking period to commence on and around a full moon for potency.
After this transfer the infusion to a sterile bottle or container which you can store long term.
Advisable to use 1 teaspoon of this per cup of warm water
Once diluted, you can use a small piece of cloth to soak up the diluted tincture and squeeze out any excess liquid, fold, then place directly on the external area for 15 minutes letting the herbal essence seep into the affected area of skin. This process must be repeated daily until wound has healed.
To make an ointment simply prepare a powder by grinding two tablespoons of dried Arnica flowers with a peston and morter.
Mix this powder with 8 tablespoons of melted coconut oil. This won’t last as long as the tincher and will start to degrade.
You can apply this in large amounts to any old wounds, this can be used to topically treat all kinds of ulcers in the legs or to treat the sores of herpes particularly those which are persistent.
As with all plants some people do suffer from allergic reactions and again this plant is highly toxic and poisonous.
Lots of love Freya Witch

Ashwagandha (herb)

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)

A powerful herbal medicine.
Used to relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and help against depression. With many benefits Ashwagandha can also help boost brain function, lower blood sugar aswell as cortisol levels.

Ability to increase muscle mass and strength, in sandskrit Ashwagandha means “smell of the horse” also for its unique smell.

Able to increase fertility and testosterone in men.
Ashwagandha also has anti-inflammatory effects and may help improve heart health by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Ashwagandha has a high concentration of withanolides, which have been shown to fight inflammation and tumor growth.

I personally use this in small amounts daily and have to say it is best used on a daily bases to get the full benefits.

Lots of love always xxx

Clary Sage (Healing Herbs)

Clary Sage ( Salvia Sclarea) – Known for its relaxing, soothing and balancing properties.

Clary Sage can be used to promote restful sleep as well as soothing benefits to the skin. Clary Sage can be used for healthy looking hair and scalp. During a menstrual cycle Clary Sage can be applied to the abdomen for soothing relief. While trying to balance hormones either for PSOS or menopause, Clary Sage can be used in a massage to support a healthy mood. Combine with Lavender and add to the bath for a stress relieving experience. Combine with Fractionated coconut oil to massage and rejuvenate skin.

Stinging Nettle (Healing Herb)

Stinging Nettle Urtica dioica (perennials) – Urtica urens (annuals)

Nettles are very nutritious.

  • Containing vitamins and minerals.
  • Vitamin A, C and K also several B vitamins.
  • Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium.

Nettle also includes all of the essential amino acids and absolutely full of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body by fighting the damage caused by free radicals linked to aging, as well as cancer and other harmful diseases.

Used to treat inflammation such as arthritis by drinking or applying in a paste or cream.

It acts by interfering with the production of multiple inflammatory hormones.

In cases of arthritic pain this was also significantly reduced. In human study painkillers were able to be reduced in patients using nettle.

Nettle is used to treat respiratory problems like asthma.

Nettle is also known to be affective in treating benign prostate enlargement in men.

This occurs in 50% of men over the age of 51 causing significant pain during urination.

Nettle is used to reduce this pain from urination and treat short and long term urinary problems.

Nettle may prevent the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (a stronger form of testosterone).

Stopping these conversions can prevent an enlarged prostate size.

Stinging nettles also treats high blood pressure.

It may stimulate nitric oxide production.

Acting as a vasodilators which relax the muscles of your blood vessels allowing them to widen.

This plant also helps your body excrete excess salt and water.

Which in turn could temporarily reduce blood pressure.

Lower blood sugar leavels.

As it mimics insulin in the body.

There are promising findings in recent research however significantly more evidence is needed in this respect.

Reduce Bleeding.

Medication including nettle have been found affective in reducing bleeding after surgery.

Nettle is also known to protect the liver against damage from free radicals, heavy metals and inflammation.

Stinging nettle creams can also be used to treat burns and heal wounds.

It is important when taking any new medication to speak to your doctor. Especially if taking one or more of the following:

  • Blood thinners
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Diuretics (water pills)
  • Lithium

Also use special gloves if picking your own stinging nettles as they can burn your skin which can be quite painful.

(Also be aware that it is actually stinging nettles you are harvesting and not false nettles for example).

  • Never consume raw leaves
  • Pick from the new growth (top of this plant)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Boil in a pot

(Dock leaves can be used to treat nettle stings. They are large leaves usually found close to where nettles grow).

I personally absolutely love nettle and always have some to hand.

Lots of love and brightest blessings always.

Spellcraft course for Beginners (online)

Spellcraft for Beginners – online (zoom video) course facilitated by Mani Morningstar & Freya Witch – initiated Wiccans of the Gardnerian Tradition of the Craft. We have been running Spellcraft courses outdoors (in woods) and indoors (Atlantis Bookshop) for many years. Now with circumstances making us stay indoors, we’re designing this Beginners course to be held online. And for the first time, we are adding the Craft of doing Herbs & Oils in spells, to our existing line up of teaching you the basics of magic with Candles, sigils, cords & knots! (Rune magic is now one of our special extended course in its own right).

You’ll learn about 3 different techniques of doing ritual magic for your self. Using candles for magic, using Cords & knots for magic and using a selection of Herbs & Oils. Mani will give an introduction to different types of spellcraft , and take you through the basics of candle-magic, colour correspondences, preparations, what sigils/ symbols to use.

Freya Witch will introduce you to working with herbs & oils, give explanations, and then talk you through 2 actual spells that combine easy to obtain herbs & oils – and show you how to do a protection spell, and Banishing spell.

Friday 13th November 2020.

9.00pm to 10.30pm. (with 30min extra in case we need it).

Online course :
This course will be `live’ online via zoom video call.

Please go to our meetup community `London Woodland Witches Wiccans & Pagans’ at to book your place. Spaces limited to only 13 spaces (including 2 tutors) .

Spellcraft for Beginners -online course

Friday, Nov 13, 2020, 9:00 PM

Online event

8 Woodland Witches Attending

Spellcraft for Beginners – online (zoom video) course facilitated by Mani Morningstar & Freya Witch – initiated Wiccans of the Gardnerian Tradition of the Craft. We have been running Spellcraft courses outdoors (in woods) and indoors (Atlantis Bookshop) for many years. Now with circumstances making us stay indoors, we’re designing this Beginners co…

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Blessings. Freya Witch