Samhain 2020: Hecate invocation by Freya Witch

We facilitated an online full Samhain Rite for our `London Woodland Witches meetup group’. I performed a pre-recorded invocation to Dark Goddess Hecate . (20mins into the edited ritual video). Click this video to watch/ listen.

Hecate Invocation by Freya Witch – part of the Woodland Witches online Samhain 2020

The full video (edited) is 1 hr 9minutes) with all the essential burning of regrets, invocations, pathworking & blessings, with space for doing your own magical work.. Blessings. – Freya Witch


As we move closer by day to a place where the veil is thinnest (Samhain), I feel a deep longing to honour our beloved Goddess Morrigan.

Morrigan Celtic Goddess of death and guardian of the dead.
Morrigan is also known as the triple Goddess of War.
Goddess of fate and divination.
Protector or the spirits of those who have passed.
Morrigan is a shapeshifting Goddess willing to share her knowledge of the future to some (for a price).
Sometimes appearing as a wolf.
Thought to circle the battlefields in a flock of Ravens and carry away the dead.
In mythology, Morrigan offered prophecy to her husband Dagda before great battles.
Daughter of Ernmas the mother Goddess.
Long associated with spirals, circles, stone, water, fairy rings and luna cycles.
Goddess of death and transformation but also of rebirth.
Personally I love Morrigan and feel her energy strongest as we move into the darker time of the wheel.
Hail Goddess Morrigan
Blessed be xxx