Rose Quartz

A very loving energy, observing this light pink beauty alone always fills me with pure love energy.

When suffering heartache or grief I recommend working with this crystal. Even just having this close to your heart chakra can improve your self love, heal and open your heart to more pure love. I speak of the deep love not a passionate moment.

There are many ways to benefit from this beautiful energy.

A Ritual Bath (including Rose Quartz)

First gather some light pink candles, pink rose petals, rose water or essential rose oil, your rose quartz and some pure sea salt.
Run your warm bath water and add a handful of salt with the intention of cleansing your body and spirit.
When your bath has filled swirl in your rose petals, rose oil or rose water with the intension of filling your senses to allow you to heal emotionally and thereby also filling you with love.
Place your rose quartz next to your pink candles.
As you light your candles you may wish to call upon a God/Goddess or Archangel, or simply state your intention.
Lie in the bath and allow yourself to be infused with healing love energy.
Light meditation is advisable but again optional.
Rinse your body after the bath.

Drinking water (Crystal charged):

Another way to take this energy in, is by placing the Rose Quartz in drinking water jug. Leave it there for a few hours at least then pour yourself a glass and drink. As you drink take your time and be aware of the love energy you are taking in. This is very healing and will fill you with a beautiful glow.

(Beware some crystals are poisonous or dissolve in water)

Spell for Self-Love

Good afternoon everyone, As the days are cold and socialising is non existent I thought why not enhance our lives with self love.

Here is a quick spell.

You will need..

  • Rose Quartz
  • Glass of drinking water or (Moon infused) if you have. I will be writing how to do this closer to the next full moon but a glass of drinking water will do fine aswell.
  • A candle -pink or white.
  • Jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils.
  • Rose water (culinary grade) to drink.

First make sure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed.

Close your eyes, ground and centre yourself. You may wish to smudge the space before hand and create a sacred space in your own way.

Breath deeply, let your breath fill your lungs and nourishing your body. You may wish to do a meditation at this point to draw in and surround yourself with a pink and golden light. Glittering beautiful soft hues of pink and gold flowing in white light.

Now take your candle, anoint it with the oil. Hold it in your hands saying: I am beautiful, I deserve love, I accept myself as a whole. I am love.

Light the candle.

Let the scent of the oils fill the space around you engulfing you in loving fragrance.

Now take the glass of water. Say: I infuse this water with love, light and happiness. May I be filled with love, light and happiness. Place the rose quartz into the glass of water. Take a few moments to enjoy the scent of the oils the warmth of the flame, the beauty and love eminating through you as you are filled with the sparkling golden and soft pink huges of the white light.

In your own time add a tea spoon of the rose water and say: I am open to love. I receive love. I am love. Now sip the water.

Once you have finished you may want to sit with this energy for I while.

Then give thanks in your own way and put the candle out. I recommend to let it burn to its end but you can snuff it out and relight it anytime you feel you need a boast of self love.

I also recommend to draw back your roots and branches if using the tree meditation.

If you have some food nearby I recommend in grounding yourself with a few bites.

Also please cleanse and energize your crystals regularly and after using them in magical work.

If you have any questions or wish to share your experiences please leave a comment.

Lots of love and Brightest Blessings always.

Freya Witch. x

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