Samhain 2022 Rite: Honouring Goddess Morrigan

Join Freya Witch & Higher healing meetup folks for A Samhain Ritual at Hampstead Heath, Honouring the Goddess Morrigan and Honouring our Ancestors.

Higher Healing Samhain 2022 ritual (Hampstead Heath, North London) 28th October 2022.

As the veil thins we call upon the Goddess Morrigan, Goddess of Death and of the Moon, we ask her to open the gateway to those who have passed allowing us the rare opportunity to honour our loved ones.

Partake in a Ceremony like no other. Connect with your ancestral line and delve into the dark as we move ever more into the dark.

We will do a meditation as preparation, consecration with salt, water and herbs. A circle will be cast and quarters called.

We will use an apple to communicate and ask a question or make a wish.
Burning of regrets and negitive energy to be transformed by the Goddess herself.

You will be given a crystal for protection during this ritual which you may keep thereafter.

We will have a Samble (toast) to the Gods/Goddesses, the Spirits and the whites and ofcorse the opportunity to drink to your Ancestors.
We then feast and socialise.

Vegan and Gluten free food available.

Fee £13

Please take into consideration this is an outdoor event, so weather appropriate clothing aswell as comfortable footwear is highly recommended.

Bright Blessings
Freya Witch x

——-practical details—–
Venue: Hampstead Heath (park) near Parliament Hill.

Meeting point:
Meet just outside the `Bistro Laz ‘ Restaurant ( 1 Highgate West Hill, London,N6 6JS ). We’ll then walk 10 minutes to a secluded spot in the woods for this day-time ceremony.

Google ref: 51.561274, -0.150710
(1, Highgate West Hill, London, N6 6JS)

What to bring:
–This event is held outdoors So please dress in warm and water-proof clothing, with plenty of layers, as it gets cold once we sit down for a while. Good waterproof shoes / boots are also better as the walk may have slightly muddy patches.

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