Dagda (Healing God)

Dagda is the Irish God of healing.

He is also the God of protection, warriors, knowledge, magic, fire, prophecy, weather, reincarnation, the arts, initiation, the Sun, regeneration, prosperity and plenty, music and the harp.

His name means “Shining divinity”

Dagda was also the God of the seasons and fertility.

Some of his titles include “Horseman or all father”.

Dagda often carried three sacred relics with him,

His cauldron “coire ansic” that could produce a bountiful feast.

His mighty club/staff “lorg mór”

This had two features first its head had the power to slay nine men in a single swing whereas its handle could revive the slain with but a touch.

The harp “uaithne” carved of oak.

This harp placed the seasons in order.

Hail Dagda