Thor – Viking God

Viking God Thor

Thor God of thunder, lightning, storms and sacred groves.

Thor is known as a protector who brings strength.

He has a hammer called Mjölnir.

Also associated with trees, agriculture, and has a chariot pulled by goats who he eats and resurrects.

Thursday is actually Thors day as it was named after the God Thor.

Growing up my grand mother would tell me stories of Thor (usually on a thundery day). We would sit with a candle and she would tell me how Thor would weild his magnificent hammer. Stories from mythology and more.

Thor is an honorable and loyal warrior God.

Thor, son of Odin, husband to the fertility Goddess Sif.

The sacred union between Earth mother and Sky God, this divine marriage was celebrated by the vikings.

Aswell as his hammer Mjölnir, Thor has a staff called Gridarvölr, the belt of strength in old norse is megingjarðar and iron gloves called Járngreipr.

Many of the stories around Thor is usually Thor defeating monsters and giants. One of which is the Midguard serpant Jörmungandr.

Thor is said to die at Ragnarök, the end of the world.

A small number of Gods will survive this, to name two are his sons Modi and Magni who inherit Mjölnir.

Thor has always been one of my favorite Gods from my early childhood. Hail Thor.