Llyr (Celting God of Healing)

Llyr -The Celtic God of Healing.

Also known as the God of the sea and of magic.

Known as God Lir, Ler, Llediarth.

The father of Manannán,

Son of the sea (Manannán Mc Lir).

It is said that the name of the Isle of Man derived from this God.

Llyr has a sea bourne chariot, invisable horses and a cloak of invisability.

He guards the other worlds and the after life, similarly to the Greek Gods Poseidon and Hades.

In Ireland he was said to create mist so invaders got confused and couldn’t find the country.

He is associated with Arthurian land of eternal youth, Avalon (Tír na nÓg in Celtic mythology).

His Irish daughter Niamh is one of the queens of this realm.

He also has a son Bran the Blessed.

God of bards and poetry.

Bran possesses the cauldron a rejuvenation, not unlike the mythical Holy Grail.

This cauldron was said to have the power if a deceased warrior drank from it he would be restored to life.

Llyr helps us to find inspiration in the soul of the sea.

It teaches us of perseverance, open-mindedness, fluidity, and strength.

The sea is both protector and avenger.

Strength can be found in the primal power of the waves.

The waves themselves can wear away stone and cut through landscapes.

We can find comfort in the bounty and sustenance the sea provides.

Freedom and adventure in the aspects of new experiences.

“May the winds fill your sails, the waves guide your passage, and the storm be your harbour.”

Hail Llyr