Maponus (Healing God)


Known as a Celtic God of healing.

Associated with springs and healing waters.

Maponus is also known to be from Gaulish tradition.

There are five altars dedicated to him from Roman Britain.

All from Hadrian’s Wall or the surrounding area.

He was eventually absorbed into the Roman worship of Apollo. By the name of Maponus Apollo.

He is the God of healing aswell as youthful beauty, poetry and song.

Hermes (Greek God of Healing)

Hermes is the Greek God of healing.

Known to the Romans as Mercury.

Also the God of comunication, boundries, merchants, commerce, theives, athletes and travel.

He was known as the patron of travellers, as doctors had to travel great distances to treat patients.

He has winged slippers that aid his flight.

Hermes has the ability to move swiftlly and freely between our world and the realm of the Gods.

He possesses the healing staff, the Caduceus.

The caduceus symbolizes the spinal column, the central conduit for the Psychic Force, or nerve energy, which connects all the organs and parts of the body. The places where the snakes cross represent the spinal energy centers or chakras.

The two snakes represent the two complementary halves of the nervous system.

Motor and sensory, sympathetic and parasympathetic.

For optimal functioning these must be in balanced.

Snakes were considered the cleaverest and wisest animals in ancient greece.

Hermes is the “soul guide” he guides the soul into the afterlife.

His is associated with the rooster, tortois, winged sandles, palm tree, winged hat and goat, the number four, several kinds of fish and incense. Not to forget the Caduceus.